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Thank you for visiting, and welcome to the website of Hwajin PF Co., Ltd.

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Hwajin PF Co., Ltd., was incorporated in 1986 as a company specializing in the manufacturing of BUTT WELDING PIPE FITTING, has achieved continuous growth and progress over more than 30 years since incorporation.

We are manufacturing fittings with outstanding quality for the entire plumbing areas of various industries, including petrochemical plants / oil refinery facilities / shipbuilding / construction / power generation plants, etc. and supplying them to customers at home and abroad. The excellence of the quality of our products has also been widely recognized.

In the midst of a rapidly changing global economic environment, Hwajin PF Co., Ltd. shall ceaselessly put efforts to preemptively cope with the need for fortification of competitiveness required in our current era and to achieve sustainable growth under any circumstances whatsoever.

We will continue to strive to become a leading global corporation by transcending the boundaries of Korea through ceaseless innovations and creative challenges in the future.

Moreover, we will put our utmost efforts to practice transparent and quality management, and to create corporate values respected by our customers and society.

We would like to convey our gratitude to all of our customers who continually provide unsparing support and concerns for and interest in Hwajin PF Co., Ltd.